Pre-Treatment Process for Aluminium.

Preparation is a vital step in producing professional, lasting results in powder coating. Ensuring that the metal surface is clean and protected from corrosion and that the powder adheres to the metal surface. This must be done for Aluminium surfaces

Our pre-treatment process is based on the following steps

  • Acid bath to clean the product and provide an etch for Chromate.
  • Clean water rinse.
  • Chromate conversion to passivate the metal (the process of making the material passive in relation to powder before combining both materials together). The chromate protects the surface from corrosion and is done prior to powder coating.
  • Final clean water rinse.
  • The product is then dried ready for powder coating.

Powder Coating Process

  • Powder coating is applied using specialised Electrostatic Equipment.
  • Powder coating is used to provide a durable and hard finish that is tougher than wet paint.
  • It is applied as a free flowing and dry powder and is then ready for curing in our oven.
  • Powder coating comes in a large range of colours and is used for a diverse range of products including pool fencing, balustrade furniture, pergolas, windows, doors and extrusions. As well as electronics and car parts.


We have access to the full range of Dulux  –Jotun – colour ranges.




We package the finished product.