Powder coat Line 1  Small Line


  • Latest cartridge powder booth: 4 metres long.
  • Gema OptiFlex Powder gun.
  • Gas fired Oven: 9 metres long x 1 metre wide x 2.1 metre high.


Our small line, complete with the latest powder booth and gas fired oven, lends itself to a variety of smaller items from automotive parts and manufactured goods to custom made designer furniture and screens. The over head rail system provides a great production line flow to help increase through put and reduce lead times. Also available are our automatic powder guns and semi-automated line for those big production runs.

Powder coat Line 2 Large line


  • Powder booth, Large: 8.5 metres long x 5.7 metres wide x 3.2 metres high.
  • 2 x Gema OptiFlex Powder guns.
  • Batch Oven, Large: 11 metres long x 3.1 metres wide x 3.2 metres high.


Our large booth and 11 metre long batch oven are perfect for our customer’s larger projects which makes us highly sought-after in the industry. Our newly installed overhead rail system allows us to maximise oven space and is ideally suited to such jobs as light poles, fencing, posts, beams and aluminium extrusions.

Powder coat Line 3 ESC:  AutomaticSpecifications.

4 meter Air drawn cartridge booth.

8 x Automatic Gema powder guns

1 x Hand Gema OptiFlex Powder guns.

Semi-Automatic chain drive line.

7 metre Batch oven

Powder coat Line 4

Specifications.  ESC: More details on requestFilter Booth 8 metre long.

Large batch oven 10.3 meters long with extension doors.

2 tonne Overhead rail system.

and an additional 3 meter x 1 meter oven